Ensemble MAE - 'Shadow study #5' (Jasna Velickovic)
9 Sep 2016
Ensemble MAE - 'Shadow study #5' (by Jasna Velickovic) April 13th 2010, Paradiso, Amsterdam Shadow study #5 by Jasna Velickovic is part of her ongoing investigation into playing instruments without touching them. In this work Ensemble MAE members use hand-made electronic devices which excite the instruments from afar. Sol Piano is the new instrument build up during this investigation and it was shown at this concert for the first time. It clearly supports the concept of Shadow study #5 which is: 'Music score, as much as it is fixed by the notation, never sounds the same.' Shadow study #5 amplifies this fact. The building of Sol Piano would not be possible without the technical and material support from STEIM. Many thanks to Ensemble MAE, FPK and STEIM who supported this work.
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